Monday, February 02, 2009

A discussion on facebook.... I just cut and paste! Lazy... :P

I'm in the networking biz promoting eco-friendly household pdts. When i first joined the company, it was the products that got me interested first. Household cleaning products that are safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and best of all, economical! Then I saw the potential of this as a biz for me. So all the more I wanna grow my network.

I went on to do some research on household toxins. Do you know that household cleaners could be the cause for many chronic diseases these days, like asthma, eczema, autism and other learning disabilities? Boston 5 news channel reports a study done which attributes household cleaners to the increase in asthma cases in children. EPA reports that a woman working in the house is at a 55% higher risk of getting cancer than someone who works out of the house. Sick building syndrome, indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air.. these are all not unheard of.

It's also known that many of our personal care products, from our shampoos to body wash, toothpaste to lotions, skincare and make-up do contain synthetic chemicals and are causing hormonal problems, chronic headaches, skin allergies, and many more problems. But then why are we still not thinking about safer alternatives? Marketers will never tell you what the ingredients will do to you. It is YOU who will have to be more aware of what you are using and CHOOSE to use the safer products. Who will eventually be the test-tube of the synthetic chemicals world? Who will be the one suffering the effects of chemicals? It is YOU.

I'm glad I was introduced to Melaleuca. I choose to switch brands. Use products that is safe for myself and my family. And at the same time, get to earn a side income when I tell others about these products. You want to know more? I can be reached at +65-90226060 or u can email me at

Cheers to your good health!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Animals in captivity

Resorts World Sentosa's is importing whale sharks for its main attraction in its Marine Life Park.
Whale sharks at IR? Bad move, say activists

Why do they not consider getting captived sharks, dolphins instead? Why must they be removed from the wild? Are the tanks in its Marine Life Park as wide as the ocean? If they really 'need' to have dolphins, maybe get those already in captivity, since they are 'striving in captivity', breed more and leave the truly wild ones alone.

Even with the animals in the zoo, do they 'move' or are in action when you see them? The animals are mostly lying on the ground, sleeping, eating or non-existent. You don't see them in action, hunting for their food, as food is readily thrown to them at a particular time. You mean they have meals thrown to them in the wild? nicely cut up too? hahahaha...

You want to see some real animal in action, national geographic and animal planet have definite more interesting clips then to see the real life thing. And these footages are usually taken in the wild, mind you. Think abt it, animals in captivity are just there to let u see them in person. Maybe to reiterate the fact that there are really such animals in existence... in flesh... but unfortunately, not in spirit. :(

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to chill out

Recently, I've been pretty stressed up with clearing my stock, building my networking business, family issues, children's school that I realised I've been pretty harsh on the kids. Motherhood is not a easy path to take. Recently, I've been missing my youth.. wishing time could bring me back 10 years. To the time when we could go out when we want to, come back as late as we wish to, do whatever we wanted to, without having to worry about the kids - school, dinner, bedtime. There's more to that side of me which I shall not touch on for now.

So this week, I decided that I shall pick my 2nd boy from school, let him have some time with nature, before picking up the eldest from P1. On Monday, we stopped by a field, just beside our house. It's just a wide empty field. I let the Deshawn and Deshann run while I pack some stocks at the back of my Jazzy. They were wary of the grass. I'm thinking, oh no. So I showed them the 'touch-me-nots'. They were fascinated by it. Wanted to show Deshane how they close. We ran across the field to the riverside. They are doing some works at the river which is soon to be a reservoir. We looked at the cranes, the big barges closeup. Then we played catching. As we head back to car, Deshawn asked for more. He enjoyed the simple time we had.

Tuesday... Deshann was sleeping in the car seat. So we had to stop somewhere where we could let him sleep in the car, while we take a breather. I parked by a mini-park with a jogging track, cemented 'open' area, and a playground. That is as close to nature as we can get in Singapore. I ended up on the mini grass patch beside Jazzy. Deshawn was worried about sitting on the grass. It felt 'pokey'. He said it's dirty. Gesh! We used to run, roll, play on the grass and how much we loved it! A primary school teacher friend once told me she had students who refused to sit on the grass during PE lessons. Mind you, it's grass, not dirt! I let Deshawn sit on my lap and slowly transitioned him onto the grass. He got used to it. He used to play with the sand till his whole milk beaker was sandy! My, how fast they get 'concreted'. Nature is still best eh? It's absolutely fine to eat some dirt! Will give your immune system a boost!

Thursday... 'forced' Deshawn to sit on the grass if he wants to eat ice-cream, while waiting for kor-kor to be out. Deshann (just turned 2) refused to sit on the grass... pokey... he says...

I wonder... while we sit on the grass, play on it. What do people walking on the jogging path think? What will you think?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stop Poisoning Your Kids!

Johnny can't read, sit still, or stop hitting the neighbour's kid. WHY?
More kids are getting brain cancer. WHY?
Our kids are the test subject for thousands of toxic chemicals. WHY?
Do you know that developmental, learning and behavioural disabilities are on the rise?
In recent years, childhood illness are mostly chronic. Asthma is the leading cause of hospitalisation. Cancer is the leading cause of death. Among children.

The world we live in, our environment plays a huge part. Approximately 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been developed after 1940s. Many of them are found in our home. Toxins in homes account for 90% of all reported poisonings each year. Studies have shown that, on average, each of us is walking around contaminated by 27 different chemicals. Did you know that you probably have dangerous toxic solvents, carcinogenic sprays and gender-bending chemical cocktails in your kitchen cupboard?

Kids are more vulnerable to these toxins found in many of our household chemicals. They absorb more from the air, water and food becoz their bodies are smaller. Because they are also closer to the ground, they breathe in more toxins that settle on the ground. Crawling toddlers habitually put their hands into their mouth and are literally eating the toxins into their developing bodies.

You might be thinking now, we have been using all these household chemicals but they still haven't killed us.
Think again.
More people are dying from cancer. What was it like before industrialisation?
The increase in number of kids diagnosed with ADHD, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, reduced school performace, aggression, asthma and cancer are increasing and getting too high.
Some development (language, attention, memory) impairments are permanent.

Reduce exposures to these harmful toxins.
Simply, change your household cleaning products.

Call me... Hoonie at 90226060. Make the switch TODAY. Use natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and economical for your home.

The concern is real. do a search : 'household toxins'
I have some interesting website that i'll like to share with you.

CANCERactive : The Pollution of Our Children -

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How "Fresh" Is Air Freshener -,8599,1664954,00.html
exposures to certain kinds of phthalates (found in air freshener) can cause cancer, developmental and sex-hormone abnormalities (including decreased testosterone and sperm levels and malformed sex organs) in infants, and can affect fertility.

Formaldehyde & Cancer -
formaldehyde is found in many household items

Improve your indoor air -

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singaporeans are a funny lot

Singaporeans are a funny lot.


Years back, we have to have campaigns.
Campaigns to teach us to be courteous.
Campaigns to remind us not to waste water.
Campaigns to 'Stop at 2'.
Campaigns to have 3 kids if we can afford them.

Then we need laws to teach us what we should not do.
We have to be fined for littering.
We have to ban chewing gum.

Now, we need a campaign to teach us to be gracious! My goodness. Are we not a developed country? Do we need to be taught simple things that every respectable human should know and do? To clear your table after you eat. Don't you do that at home?

I think it boils down to being considerate. Thinking for others. We are a selfish lot. And the scary thing is that our kids are learning to be like us. How many more generations will it take? For us to give up our seats to someone who needs it more than us, without signs to remind us. To clean up after ourselves, be it at a eating place, the restroom.

I see people throwing their trash on the floor when the dustbin is 5 steps away. I see a diaper conveniently stuffed on a shelf while shopping. I see a cup placed 'neatly' in the corner of a lift. I see people just walking away from their table after their meals, at IKEA, no doubt where their 'expectations' are so greatly spelled out, and collection points so clearly labelled.

When will we learn to be a gracious society? Maybe, just maybe this campaign might work! HA! If I'm a foreigner, I would think Singapore is a joke. But I'm Singaporean, and I really don't understand the actions of so many of my fellow men and women. *sigh*

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Anger? Is it necessary?

I watch in amusement as the little girl pouts and stomps her way around the playground. She was so filled with anger, but what got her angry in the first place, was a mystery to me. Her anger further amuses a group of boys, who continue to taunt her by imitating her every move, and making her more angry. They were so amused by her anger. This mix of emotions, anger and amusement continues to escalate as they shadowed her around the playground.

The maid of the angry child noticed the harassment and feelings of the child but just brushed it off and told her to stop it. She was also busy watching over a younger toddler and at the same time trying to communicate with some other maids at the playground.

I pitied the little girl and told the boys that what they were doing is not nice. I did not totally blame the boys for doing that. I think most kids do not know how to feel for others, the amusement they got overshadowed empathy. Ironically, they chose happiness over anger.

My two elder boys were observing the children. Was I glad that they were not joining in the taunting! They were just watching the scene being played out, in real life. 'Pang guan ze qing' = Outsiders see a clearer picture. That gave me a good lesson to teach them. I always tell them to choose happiness. Teach them that they are the ones in charge of how they feel, always trying to encourage them to make right choices.

Firstly, the girl chose anger. She chose to be angry when she reached the playground. Instead she could always choose happiness, choose to enjoy herself while at the playground although there were other children around. When the boys started to imitate her, she chose to be more angry. She could ignore them? But yet she chose to let their actions increase the anger.

In fact, I pity the girl. Her anger was ignored. Her parents were not there to teach her to choose happiness. The maid brushed off her feelings as she had to look after a younger child. Was the angry girl jealous of the attention her sibling is getting? Was she angry over having no time spent with her parents? Was she angry that her feelings were ignored? Or was she just an angry person? Should she then be taught anger management? Maybe just more attention and love shown to her would make a difference?

This is also the main reason why I would want to be the main caregiver to my children, especially in their early childhood. I can feel and understand how they feel, or at least try to understand them. I want to be there to tell them and remind them to make right choices. I want to be there to protect them. I want to know what they go through. That is what a mother is. Being there for the children as much as possible. And I am glad that I spent the time with my kids.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sand... hate it? or love it?

Sand... it can be so irksome, irritating to the feet, dirty, such that you never want your little feet to touch it, curling it up, avoiding it at all costs! But all that feelings can be changed into pure love for it in that one moment, that one special moment where all hatred is turned into love.

Deshann finally realised the wonderful world of sand! He had always hated it, never wanting to have anything to do with it. Brought him to the beach twice and he just refused to be put down, clinging onto you for his dear life, as if the sandy beach will just swallow him up.

Went to Shore Restaurant for yet another birthday dinner for Eunice and Robin (haha.. this is the 3rd birthday dinner for them!) Shore Restaurant is a beautiful laidback place. You eat on the beach! Yes, tables are set up on the beach and the wonderful sea breeze... really nice place to chill out... :) And there is a big playground just beside it! The kids had a whirl of a time expending all their energy there after dinner.

Little Deshann had a 'whee'-ing good time on the infant swing, as did Deshawn, Andrea and Ariel. Asking to be swung higher, enjoying the thrill of flight. Still cautious to the sandy playground, Deshann felt 'safe' in the swing as he was thoroughly enjoying himself, so much so that when he was placed on the ground, he forget about his 'enemy'. His cheeky self just all of a sudden felt the sand, and for once, he did not wince about it. He did not ask to be carried. Instead, he felt the sand and loved it! Was walking around on it, kicking it, soon running on it, then scooping it up with his crocs, pouring it, raining it down and just relishing the sandy touch on his little feet. Exploring the texture of sand. Loving it so much that he did not want to leave the sandpit when it's time to go.

Maybe it's the stage of growing, the time when you just want to test your limits, try everything! Haha! We can now pack our beach toys and head for East Coast Park again!

I always tell my kids, "Try it. You won't know if you like it or not till you try it!" And I observe that the older they are, the least likely of them trying new things. Just as the older we get, the lower the possibility of us doing something way out of the norm. So sometimes we got to be childlike, be more adventurous and venture out of the comfort zone. Enrich your kids life by letting them try as many things as possible. Expose them, enrich them, explore life.